Monthly Newsletter: Fruit, Vegetable and Exercise Maybe Key to Happy Life!

CANTERBURY, United Kingdom —key to a happy life may come down to what’s in your diet. A new study finds eating more fruit and vegetables each day (and exercising regularly) can lead to more happiness. In a first of its kind study, researchers from the Universities of Kent and Reading demonstrated that these lifestyle changes […]

Monthly Newsletter: Regular Exercise Can Significantly Cut the Risk of Developing Anxiety

LUND, Sweden — Anxiety disorders  – which typically develop early in a person’s life – affect around one in 10 people and are twice as common in women compared to men. According to new research, regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing anxiety by almost 60 percent. A team from Sweden says that one […]

Monthly Newsletter: How to Train Like an Ancient Greek Olympian

Legend has it that the Ancient Greek athlete Milo of Croton was so strong he could break a cord tied around his head with only the force of his brow. In the 6th Century BC, he gained fame as a formidable wrestler, winning six times at the Olympic Games. He supposedly had complete control of […]

Lose Weight With the Help of Personal Trainers

Any time is the right time to start following through on your goals to lose weight and live the healthiest version of your life. More often than now, some additional help can increase your efficiency in reaching these goals. Personal Trainers are a valuable resource to many individuals because they help organize the work, keep […]

Focusing on Leg Day: Hamstring Exercises and Tips for Beginners

We wanted to give our readers more information on how to start building up strength and training their hamstrings. We aim to target muscles in your legs (that’s right, there’s no skipping leg day on our watch). So read along for excellent variations of some hamstring exercises and appropriate stretching movements. Hamstrings are part of […]

How to Choose The Perfect Personal Trainer in Newport Beach

A personal trainer in Newport Beach can be the answer you are looking for. Everyone comes to a point where we start to realize that we may have gotten a little too comfortable during COVID lockdowns. When people go to college there is the infamous term “freshman 15”. This year for everyone, there is the […]

Boxing Training In Newport Beach

Try boxing training in Newport Beach. It’s easy to feel isolated and get down on yourself in times of uncertainty. With all the social distancing guidelines in place, you may feel alone or unmotivated. However, taking care of yourself and your health in times like these is more important than ever. One idea is to […]

Gym in Newport Beach

If you’re looking for a place to get the workout that you need, then you should check out the best gym in Newport Beach! At Newport Beach Athletic Club, we bring a true professional and fitness enthusiast approach to our gym, ensuring we have the kind of equipment and facilities expected by those who know […]

Take a Stand Against Sitting

In our society today much of our activities are based around sitting and technology. Being in front of a computer or TV or going to events that involve sitting. Part of enjoying life is being able to move and do things. Stand up and move around at work if you find yourself sitting to long. […]

Don’t Miss Your Chance for an Inbody Test

InBody Testing Special Monday, October 8th, 11AM – 2PM Thursday, October 19th, 7:30PM – 10:30PM Wednesday, October 25th, 2PM – 5PM Tests held in the NBAC lobby Your Test and print out is $25, normally $75.  Do You Know What You’re Made of? The InBody 770 Body Composition Analyzer provides unparalleled insight into your body’s […]

Watch the Fat Intake If You Go with High Protein Diet

Learning the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats will help. While boosting your protein intake may help lead to weight loss and stronger muscles, it is also raising the risk of increasing your fat consumption, too. What exactly are the dangers of getting too much fat in your diet? “The first danger is weight gain,” […]

What a waist! How do you measure your waist?

How do you measure your waist? Sounds simple enough, but it’s not always obvious where your waist is. Posture and other variables can affect the reading, so here are some basic guidelines to follow: Position a tape measure at the narrowest point between your lower rib and the top of your hip bone, or at […]

Does It Matter When I Eat Fruit?

Should I eat fresh fruit before lunch and before dinner or after lunch and after dinner? Diane McKay PhD, associate professor at Tufts’ Friedman School, replies: “It looks like there is a common myth out there about the timing of fruit consumption. And it is false. “The bottom line is it’s more important to focus […]

Laughing Matters

A good laugh is both free and priceless—and you don’t need a prescription, permission, or an appointment to do it. Years ago Norman Cousins, the editor and writer, claimed that he had cured himself of a crippling disease largely by watching Marx Brothers movies.  The book that came out of this experience jump-started scientific investigations […]

Am I Shrinking?

I’m not as tall as I used to be.  Is it normal for a man or women to lose height as they age? Nearly all men and women lose some height as they get older.  As you age, you experience a loss of muscle and tissue mass and bone density, particularly in your spine, where […]

Get Your Fruits and Vegetables

ROCK Institute has developed its own core nutritional product line of over 50 products that boost health and performance. Each product label is FDA approved and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. The product are all organic, hormone free, dairy free, and gluten free.  One of our featured products is ProFuel Super Greens. ProFuel Super Greens is […]

Happy 46th Anniversary NBAC

I was thirteen years old when the Newport Beach Athletic Club first opened its doors. We had four handball courts, no basketball court, a vibrating back machine with one leather strap (would love to have that back just for the fun of having it) and one bike with the front wheel gone mounted on a […]

Rock Institute Coming to Newport Beach Athletic Club

Look out Newport Beach, the next great athletes are coming to Newport Beach Athletic Club. As of February 2017, the ROCK Institute is bringing its renown performance training to our great facility. Led by Brent Concolino, the ROCK Institute has trained over 15,000 athletes and individuals worldwide. The Newport Beach Athletic Club had been actively […]

How to Increase Speed?

Every one can improve their speed. But its important to know that the speediest people are gifted with that talent. True speed is based on genetics. Some people have it and some don’t. How do you know you have speed? When your in elementary and the teacher says first one to the fence wins and if […]

Physical Appearance Does Not Equate to Athletic Ability

Today I just wanted to address some things that make anybody who is trying to stay healthy go crazy. And its those people that seems to be able to eat anything, work out just as much as you and somehow have a better looking body. I know, I know it can be a little frustrating […]

Balancing Recreational Physical Activity With Your Workout

There comes a point when you start working out that you actually can’t balance all of the things you want to do. You’ve been lifting and getting in shape and with these gains you can start being active again. So you start joining basketball leagues, tennis with the wife or running with the neighbors. The […]

Changing your Workout Routine

Change sometimes is as good as a vacation. Changing your workout can be good as long as you don’t get to extreme or overly creative with the lift. The benefit is simple, it challenges your body in different ways. The negative is if you don’t know your own body and it’s individual limitations you could be […]

What is Functional Fitness?

Here at NBAC, I talk a lot about functional fitness. It is the core of our fitness philosophy and the central tenant of many of our blog posts and personal training sessions. So in order to add more clarity and insight into the philosophical approach taken at NBAC, I wanted to devote a post to […]

My Right Arm Is Bigger Than My Left! How Do I Fix It!

Everyone usually has a dominate arm that does most of their work. Even if you are ambidextrous, your likely to still have one arm stronger. You see this when you look at the arms of tennis, table tennis and pitchers. There is a definite size difference. Plus with everyday activities, writing, hammering a nail, picking things […]

The Relationship Between Cardio and Weight Lifting

Deciding to get into shape is a huge step. It takes a lot of mental effort to condition yourself into forming this new habit. So usually what happens is people are really concerned about working out correctly. They get a ton of advice about different things and soon they are confused. One of the most […]

What To Do After You Work Out?

Today I will be answering some general questions that members and people getting in shape usually have. The focus of today’s Q and A is on what to do after you work out. What are all the different things you should do after you workout? Take time to cool down and bring your heart rate […]

How Do You Know When to Increase Weight?

Knowing When And How to Increase Your Weights in Your Workouts Getting in shape is always an exciting time. If you haven’t been to the gym for a while, the thought of getting back into the groove of pumping iron and getting your sweat on can be invigorating. The problem is that lots of people […]

The Benefits to Your Life When You Workout Part II: When Opportunity Calls!

I use to surf in the past but life gets away from you sometimes. Before you know it eight years have gone by since you have been in the water, wow time goes fast. Then out of the blue, my good friend Chris asked if I wanted to go surfing and I had an opening […]

The Benefits to Your Life When You Workout Part I

My Life and Working Out I have been lifting weights since I was twelve years old.  I have been in a gym my whole life and I love the environment and I enjoy training with my friends.  It is sad to me to see so many people plugged into headsets and their phones instead of […]

Can a Workout be Effective in 30 Minutes or Less?

Many people say they are just too busy to have time to workout and by the end of the day they are just too tired. Hence we have the sedentary and the obese that dominates the US population. The truth is you can workout three days a week for thirty minutes or less and be […]

Parents!!! Youth Sports, What are you doing???

I have been involved in and watching youth sports for over fifty years now.  I have seen sports progress from seasonal sports, football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, soccer and field hockey.  Where a child had an opportunity to play two to three sports a year and take the summer off.  What has been transpiring over […]

Old School Weight Lifting, the only way to train for the long run!

When I was born our first home was an apartment above our gym in Los Angeles. By the time I was walking I got knocked unconscious by a guy doing dumbbell flys.  When I reached four years old I had a hernia from doing pull-ups and climbing rope. When I reached twelve years old I […]

Why did I ever quit working out?

I have been in the gym business my entire life and the one question I always hear is why did I ever quit working out?  As a person reflects on their life they can come up with many logical reasons for not working out.  My school, work or family schedules are way too busy.  I […]

Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from working out!

In our fast pace society as people rush from one event to the next, at the end of the day is there time to do anything else?  It is at this moment that a person may say to themselves I really need to go and work out.  The problem with this is the legs maybe […]

Functional Fitness: “The Lost Generation” Part 3 – What can parents do for their children?

The mind set of many parents today is that I must get my child into some type of organized sport, soccer, baseball, volleyball etc… Of course the earlier the better, because if they start at 4 and 5 years old this will lead to a scholarship or even professional sports.  Not knowing that the majority […]

Functional Fitness: “The Lost Generation” Part 2

“The Lost Generation” has now reached their late teens and twenties.  The majority of their time is spent on their phones, texting, tweeting, facebook, Google and you know the drill.  When they are not on their phones they are playing video games well into the night which is considered a physical activity based on many […]

Functional Fitness: “The Lost Generation” Part 1

When it comes to Functional Fitness I am referring to “The Lost Generation” as males and females ages 30 and below.  This is the generation were physical education was taken out of the High Schools, it went coed in the Junior High Schools, and the elementary schools are overwhelmed with kids burning out in organized […]

Table Tennis – 10 Common Mistakes For Beginners

As a coach and player of many years, there are certain common errors that I see repeated many times by players new to the sport of ping-pong. On the basis that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I’ve put together my list of the 10 most common mistakes made by new […]

Functional Fitness: Tips on Competition

There are times when a little competition is fun along with your Functional Fitness training.  We see it being promoted with Cross-fit, World’s strongest man, Ninja Warriors, mud runs, triathlons, marathons, obstacle courses etc… The competitors are doing some amazing acts of physical fitness.  They are displaying power, balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance.  They are […]

Does Trying New Exercises Help?

The fitness industry has been known throughout the years to promote the latest and the greatest new exercises.  It may be a new strength machine, cardio machine, bar design, handle design, band material etc.  Then along with the new equipment there is a new body position or body motion that is more effective than anything […]

Did You Know That Table Tennis Is The Best Sport to Avoid Alzheimer And Dementia?

It is well-known that practicing sports helps to keep us fit and healthy and table tennis isn’t the exception. In United States there is a program that uses our sport as therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia’s patients. Table Tennis is also recommended to elderly people. China led by Liu Guoliang wants to make table tennis […]

What to do Before Starting a Functional Fitness Program

First – Let’s See What We Are Up Against? The first question one must ask themselves is do I need to start a functional fitness program?  So what you want to do first is stand in front of a mirror naked.  In fact make it a full length mirror. This visual is worth a thousand words and […]

Picking a Gym or Club is Not Easy!

Finding an athletic club or gym can be very challenging and intimidating especially if working out doesn’t come easy to you.  Add to this the facts that you might need to lose a little weight or you are not the most athletic person in the world, you could be a little shy, not ready for […]

Is a Gluten-Free Diet Right for You?

Gluten-free foods are flooding the market, which is great for people with celiac disease—but many people have equated “gluten –free” with “healthy,” and that’s not always the case. According to Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, a registered dietitian at UCLA Health System, gluten is a protein found primarily in whole-grain wheat, rye, and barley. It […]

Sarcopenia and it’s Effect on Fat Burning – Part 2 of 2

Why You Need Muscles Research into the complex causes of sarcopenia is still in its infancy.  According to Wayne Wescott, Ph.D, an expert in the field, beginning at age 30 we lose, on average, about six pounds of muscle per decade.  Between the ages of 30 and 80 our muscle mass can shrink a whopping […]

The NBAC Functional Fitness Circuit

The Functional Fitness Circuit began in the fall of 1989.  I left my family business, the Newport Beach Athletic Club, sunny Southern California, to get my Masters of Divinity, in Hamilton Massachusetts, a four season state. I had three years to complete the program and my fitness training goal was to be in as good […]

7 Tips for a Safe and Successful Work Out

Strength or resistance training challenges your muscles with a stronger-than-usual counter force, such as pushing against a wall or lifting a dumbbell or pulling on a resistance band. Using progressively heavier weights or increasing resistance makes muscles stronger. This kind of work out increases muscle mass, tones muscles, and strengthens bones. It also helps you […]

Too Much TV May Hurt the Heart

HEALTH.COM Jan.10, 2011 Spending lots of free time glued to the TV or computer screen can hurt your heart and shorten your life, no matter how much exercise you get when you’re not riding the couch, a new study suggests. Link between screen time and heart problems People who spent at least four hours per […]

Want to live better? Start Strength Training

Why You Need to Strength Train Regular physical activity promotes general good health, reduces the risk of developing many diseases, and helps you live a longer and healthier life. For many of us, “exercise” means walking, jogging, treadmill work, or other activities that get the heart pumping. But often overlooked is the value of strength-building […]

Sarcopenia and it’s Effect on Fat Burning – Part 1 of 2

What accounts for the slowdown in fat burning as we age?  In a word, sarcopenia.  Never heard of it?  Neither has spell-check. The word was invented in 1988 by DR. Irwin Rosenberg, Director of Tufts University’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, to describe the noticeable decline in skeletal muscle mass that occurs as we […]

Functional Fitness Training: What do I Drink? Part 2 of 2

This post is a continuation of a prior post in our Functional Fitness Series. Here is part I. Why are we constantly downing energy drinks, coffee, and juices when we’re thirsty?  We need to drink more water.  That’s been a well-known fact for years, and has been aired on every single health channel and news […]

Functional Fitness Training: What do I Drink? Water! Part 1

With so many fitness drinks and energy drinks on the market what do I drink when I train?  The simple truth is that I make sure I drink water.  You may be surprised water is better for you than just taking a shower or any afternoon swim. 1. Energy Boost What’s not known by many people […]

10 Training Tips Explaining Functional Fitness – Part 2 of 2

Our Functional Fitness Training tips continue from last week:  Here are the last 5 Functional Fitness Tips. Functional Fitness Tip 6: Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight Do not exercise to lose weight, count calories. People who use exercise to lose weight can set themselves up for disappointment and possible weight gain when they are not able to exercise.  This type of […]

10 Training Tips Explaining Functional Fitness – Part 1 of 2

Functional Fitness training is simple, it’s working out to improve your lifestyle.  Here are 10 Functional Fitness Tips to help you. Functional Fitness Tip 1: No Pain No Pain “No pain No pain” not  “No pain no gain,” this is foolish, it is how you get hurt.  Pain tells us our limits and our body is changing […]

The Push Away Diet | Functional Fitness

Over the years there has been much written about diet and weight loss.  The truth is when people go on diets they lose weight, but the problem is after six to ten months the majority of the people put back on the weight they lost plus possibly a little more.  This type of inconsistent weight […]

Does MSG in Chinese food cause headaches and other problems, or is it safe to eat?

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is and additive in many foods. But it’s best known as a flavoring added to Chinese food. Despite lingering concerns about side effects and health risks, MSG is generally considered safe when consumed in “normal” amounts such as what you might have in a typical Chinese dinner. Health concerns about MSG […]

Is there a way to improve Metabolism to help lose weight?

It seems my metabolism has slowed a lot as I’ve gotten older, Is there a way to improve it to help lose weight? A: It is true that our metabolism slows with age, and that’s because the mitochondria, the cells’ energy factors, slow down as we get older. But there are other factors that contribute […]

Some Fun Thoughts for the New Year

Ever since the mid-seventies there has been an ongoing debate as to whether vitamin supplements really do work. Over the decades there have been numerous studies and articles saying yes they work and know they don’t. Here are some new thoughts: “ Multivitamins Found To Have Little Benefit”, “No Effect Seen in Preventing Cognitive Decline, […]