I use to surf in the past but life gets away from you sometimes.

Before you know it eight years have gone by since you have been in the water, wow time goes fast. Then out of the blue, my good friend Chris asked if I wanted to go surfing and I had an opening on my schedule so I said yes.  It’d be nice to end that 8 year streak.

The day we went out there was a pretty big swell about 3 to 6 feet and we ended up at Doheny State Beach, which has a nice mellow wave but a pretty long paddle.  It is funny but my mind still thinks like I’m younger but my body is 58 years old, what would happen?  We waxed our boards, I had a Robert August Epoxy 8’6” and a rash guard, and off we went.  The water was an unbelievable 75 degrees and at that moment the swell was pretty calm.  No sooner as we got out about 20 yards the set of the day came rolling in.  It had 12 or more waves all 4 to 6 feet, one right after the other.  All you could do is keep paddling, duck dive, paddle, hold on and keep paddling.  At this point Chris was wondering if I would just turn around and call it a day.

So did I end up on the beach or in the line up?

The truth is there is only one exercise to get you in shape for paddling out in a set and that is paddling.  So my triceps and rear deltoids were burning, my heart was pounding and I was breathing hard but not totally out of gas.  After a long battle I finally made it out with a smile on my face, why?  I couldn’t believe how efficient my NBAC Functional Fitness Circuit Training is.  I caught one great wave for about seventy five yards, a few wipe outs and one great time.  I am ready to do it again.  I followed up our surf session with a full Functional Fitness Circuit workout.  The workout helped move the lactic acid through my body so I wouldn’t be as sore the next day.  Then that night I did a little Advil and a stretch.  The next day I was ready to go.

What You Need to Remember

Wisdom tells you don’t try to be young again so you need to use a little common sense.  With the Functional Fitness Circuit I was able to use wisdom and common sense and say yes to a great surf experience.  I will be going again soon.  Keep working out.

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