Welcome to Newport Beach Athletic Club

John Bazacas - Newport Beach Athletic Club Newport Beach, CA

In 1948 John Bazcas started in the physical fitness industry, in Los Angeles, California. In 1961 he moved to Newport Beach and in 1971 he opened the family gym and called it the Newport Beach Athletic Club. The NBAC is still family owned and operated by the Bazacas and Burnham families. Over the years the NBAC has gone through several renovations. The key has been to always keep in step with the fitness industry and most importantly to provide outstanding service in a clean and healthy family environment.

With a plethora of gyms to choose from in OC, Newport Beach Athletic Club (NBAC) stands out because of its high-class amenities, reasonable prices, comfortable family atmosphere and unique traditions developed since its 1971 opening. Unlike many other gyms, NBAC won’t lock you into long-term memberships. We only do month to month memberships. Everything is clean, simple, no-nonsense, and utilitarian yet classy. The gym features separate training facilities designed specifically for men and women, as well as co-ed training areas. Training at the NBAC isn’t about creating a physical image, it’s about training for an active and healthy lifestyle. Please take the time to explore our website.

  • Amazing Gym. The staff is cool and the gym is clean and organized. The equipment is modern and kept in amazing condition.

    Dana Montana
  • Friendly staff and members, small business. Clean. All the equipment you need no matter how you like to work out.

    Danell Booher
  • This gym is inviting, relaxed, and sorta old-school in the best way. Its amenities are great

    Jacob Ashendorf