In our fast pace society as people rush from one event to the next, at the end of the day is there time to do anything else?  It is at this moment that a person may say to themselves I really need to go and work out.  The problem with this is the legs maybe a little tired and sore, the mind is mentally exhausted, the thought of happy hour and a little TV sounds much better than exercise. So in the process of making your decision you get on your phone, thirty minutes quickly pass by and you settle for a drive thru dinner and you are headed for home to call it a day.

Feeling guilty you make the commitment to work out in the morning before your day begins.  You end your night by setting the alarm an hour earlier than normal.  You set out your workout gear at the front door, you put a protein bar next to your work out bag, and the pre-work out drink is ready to just add water.  The alarm rings and the first thing you do, check your phone for texts and emails. Once again thirty minutes have gone by and you eat the protein bar and the pre-workout drink never leaves the counter.  You’re off for another day at the office and before you know it a week, then a month has past by and you are worse off physically than you were before.  What do you do?

The answer is easy, do the Functional Fitness Circuit, because time is precious but physical fitness is imperative for a great lifestyle.  When done properly the Functional Fitness Circuit is accomplished in thirty to sixty minutes.  This includes cardiovascular training.  The secret is that you keep moving at a steady pace so that you can do two exercises per minute.  You can then add cardiovascular training before and after your circuit for ten minutes or you can break it up with two to three shorter cardiovascular sessions in between lifting sets of 10 to 14 exercises.  The weight lifting exercises for upper body should be a pushing lift then a pulling lift. These exercises are followed by an abdominal exercise, then  work your legs, and then your arms.  Keep it simple, keep it quick.  If you get caught talking learn this little phrase, ”follow me!”  This keeps you lifting and if you can talk then you know that you are not over training.  You should never be totally out of breath when you do the Functional Fitness Circuit. Give it a try.


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