Finding an athletic club or gym can be very challenging and intimidating especially if working out doesn’t come easy to you.  Add to this the facts that you might need to lose a little weight or you are not the most athletic person in the world, you could be a little shy, not ready for the cover of a fashion magazine etc. etc. etc….

We All Know We Have to Work Out Though so…..

Then you finally make that decision to try a gym or club and you go and check it out. Once there you are overwhelmed with one sales pitch after another and then when the pressure is on you are talked into a two year contract, and with much apprehension and stress you agree.  You may throw in some personal training to boost your confidence.  But in the end you are a new nervous gym or athletic club member looking at a pretty significant monthly bill without a lot of confidence in this new fitness atmosphere.

Gym-8x4You Signed the Contract, Now What?

Now with your fitness journey beginning you show up to the club for the first time.  You notice that everyone else has their friends and little workout click.  You really are not sure what to do, so you wander around try a little cardio, a pull machine here and a press machine there.  You finish by grabbing a dumbbell and knock out a few curls because that’s a lift that pretty much everyone knows. You head to the locker room which can be a little scary. You quietly slip away to your car and head home. You maybe try this two or three more times never to return to the club again.  All you are left with is a monthly credit card bill that gives you a sick feeling every time you see it, you know you need the gym put are to paralyzed by fear to go back.

Then again you may have tried another venue, the personal trainer route or the super intense fitness class routine to get yourself acclimated to the fitness world. The problem is you get so sore you can’t move for a week, more than likely you pull a muscle and the pain never leaves you for a few weeks. The effects you’re left with are total body aches, a bag of chips and a sugar drink to ease your pain. Not fun, too hard, too sore, no new friends and once again you leave the club never to return.

We Get It, We Can Try and Help!NBAC Tom Bazacas

Here is another option for you, come try out the Newport Beach Athletic Club. No long term contracts, we will help you meet people and get you started exercising in a slow and safe way. Remember the show “Cheers”, if you do, “sometimes you like to go where everybody knows your name!”  That’s what we try to do here at the NBAC.  Even more, we want you to exercise and if the NBAC doesn’t work for you we will help you find the right place for you to exercise.

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