Here at NBAC, I talk a lot about functional fitness. It is the core of our fitness philosophy and the central tenant of many of our blog posts and personal training sessions. So in order to add more clarity and insight into the philosophical approach taken at NBAC, I wanted to devote a post to what functional fitness is.

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is a weight training and cardio circuit that is designed to give a person the strength to meet the everyday physical activities of an active lifestyle. Functional Fitness is different because there are no extreme movements, lifts or contests that promote injury.

The Benefits

The reason the gym has adopted functional fitness as a core fitness principle is because of the many benefits. The fitness program is extremely time efficient in a world where people’s complaints on available time get louder and louder.

The benefits include:

  • Time efficient. 3 days per week 30-45 minutes
  • Safe very few injuries
  • Conserves strength and energy for other recreational sports on the same day that one trains
  • Good for all ages, 12-80 years old
  • Fun and different

In addition to being time efficient, we use functional fitness as a method of optimizing other areas of your life. Working out shouldn’t kill you. It should not make you collapse into your bed, unable to move. The point of working out is to enhance your life.

This style of fitness is geared to be as accessible as possible. So for those who are reading this thinking that this is just another one of those fitness plans that seems great in the 1st week but after that it just sputters out, remember, this workout is created solely to be accessible and to accentuate your life. No matter how old or young, when you last worked out, this can work with you.

What are some things to consider when evaluating whether functional fitness is for me?

Functional fitness revolves around the ability to help people live an active life without having to devote their entire waking day to staying in shape. It’s not about working out until you collapse, eating salads and guzzling down protein shakes. The point of functional fitness is to enjoy oneself while incorporating functional fitness into your life so that you can stay in shape and still enjoy life.

Functional fitness isn’t for crazy fitness fanatics and it will never be a fitness fad. It is an evergreen method of staying in shape. It allows for further activities, stronger relationships outside the gym in addition to in the gym.

The Functional Fitness Lifestyle

Your health is serious. Being physically fit is important so that you can enjoy life fully. When you decide to commit to a functional fitness workout, you will be rewarded with a refreshingly fun and different way of working out. No more shuffling around doing the same ‘ol reps and sets. Functional fitness is much more immersive and much more practical. You’ll have a blast doing it.

After doing a couple weeks of functional fitness you will notice a lot more than just your body changing. You’ll start having way more energy in which you can use with your family, friends and activities. I’ve been doing functional fitness for 40 years and even today I’m still surprised about how it has enhanced my life. I’m almost 60 and I’m still able to catch a wave with old friends and zip through water parks with my grand kids.

How does NBAC incorporate Functional Fitness?

I, Tom, have a functional fitness schedule where I’m available to train with people 6 days a week.  I handle all the men and my wife, Dorothy handles all the women clients. All a person has to do is show up and we go. The work out is geared to each person’s ability and needs, so don’t worry if you haven’t touched a weight or done a push up in years.

The only condition I have is that you cannot work out two days in a row when you work out with me.

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