Change sometimes is as good as a vacation. Changing your workout can be good as long as you don’t get to extreme or overly creative with the lift. The benefit is simple, it challenges your body in different ways. The negative is if you don’t know your own body and it’s individual limitations you could be setting yourself up for an injury. Trying lifts that put to much strain on joints, ligaments, and isolating or overloading one limb (arm or leg) is not always wise. It can lead to injuries that may be with you for a life time.

When to Know it’s a Good Time to Consider Changing Your Workout

The time period is really personal preference. If you are getting bored or physically flat, a switch is good. But switching your routine doesn’t always mean changing exercise. You can change the order of lifts, you can put short cardio sessions in between a set group of lifts. You can super set. You can change the speed at which you work out.

When Should I Change my Workout or Just Increase Weight/Reps?

The key to making your work out last is keeping it fresh. If you increase reps then you should lighten the weight. If you increase your weights, then always start light on your first few sets so that you properly warmed up and are prepared for the heavier weights. I don’t recommend lifting to failure, the physical gain your body gets by going to failure is minimal. The chance of injury greatly increases. For the average person it is not worth the risk. Very few people support their families by working out and if you do you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. The rule of thumb for me is I stop my lifting knowing I could do one or two more reps whether I am lifting heavy or doing reps.

What Do You Often See is the Reason Why People Want to Make a Change? Are they usually right in doing so?

There are no benefits for anyone if they stop exercising. To live an active life as we get older we must work out, there are no other options. So if a change keeps you working out verses stop working out then make the change. One change that is always helpful, is develop friendships and workout partners. A workout with a social side to it really makes working out fun. And most of the time when your with your friends having fun it doesn’t matter what exercise routine you are doing. Visit our Newport Beach Gym today.


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