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Our Functional Fitness Training tips continue from last week:  Here are the last 5 Functional Fitness Tips.

Functional Fitness Tip 6: Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight

Do not exercise to lose weight, count calories. People who use exercise to lose weight can set themselves up for disappointment and possible weight gain when they are not able to exercise.  This type of mentality will also lead to over training and possible injuries.

Functional Fitness Tip 7: Keep a Full Range of Motion

Full range of motion is lubrication for your joints, don’t cut your movements short. This is an easy way to stretch and stay loose while you are working out and lifting weights.  It is also a great way to prevent pulled muscles and other injuries.

Functional Fitness Tip 8: Don’t Wear Out Your Muscles

You body is like a tire you only have so much tread, use wisdom when you train.  If you over train the wheels will one day come off the wagon.  Your mind-set should be I will be able to do the same workout three years from now with the same amount of weight.

Functional Fitness Tip 9: Practice the Push Away Diet

The best exercise for losing weight is “pushaways”, eat everything you normally eat just “pushaway” some of the food to cut down your portions. The decision to “pushaway” must occur in your mind before you start eating.

Functional Fitness Tip 10: Warm Up then Stretch, Not the Other Way Around

Before you stretch you need to warm up, stretching is not a warm up it is an important aspect of cooling down.  Think of stretching your body as if your body was a piece of gum.  If you take a piece of gum out the wrapper and pull on it, what happens?  The gum breaks!!!  What happens if you chew on the gum for a few minutes and then you pull it, what happens?  It stretches!!! Your muscles work in a very similar way.

You may think Functional Fitness Training takes a lot of time but it doesn’t.  I personally only lift weights which includes my cardio in 45 minutes or less three times a week.  Remember it’s just like brushing my teeth!  The other days I spend on having fun, table tennis, basketball, horses, bike riding and more.

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