Over the years there has been much written about diet and weight loss.  The truth is when people go on diets they lose weight, but the problem is after six to ten months the majority of the people put back on the weight they lost plus possibly a little more.  This type of inconsistent weight control is potentially hazardous to your overall health. In many instances it could lead to having to wear a Santa Suit for a couple of weeks in December.

Collectively through my years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have found that coupled with a weekly structured exercise program and my effective “Pushaway Diet” you can begin to successfully control your weight once and for all.  Of course you say, don’t eat so much and push some food away, that’s too easy.  Your right it is that easy and it works, and it will continue to work over the long haul.  Let me give you some pointers that will make the Functional Fitness “Pushaway Diet” work.

Before you start cooking or ordering your food you must make a conscious decision that you are going to “Pushaway” a portion of your food.  If you wait until you start eating chances are you probably won’t cut back your food intake and a “Pushaway Diet” will be a thing of the past.

There will be an emotional struggle with this decision because we tend to eat way too much.  The idea of I am depriving myself of a hefty portion just isn’t part of my eating equation.  Once you do a “Pushaway” you will be amazed how much food you still eat.

Another helpful hint is split your meal with someone.  The line I always hear is, “I eat healthy food!”  I don’t doubt that, most people that live in Newport Beach have the opportunity to eat really healthy.  The problem is that eating too much healthy food makes you fat! Dorothy, my wife, and I split most of our meals when we go out to dinner.  We are completely satisfied with how much food we eat and we are blown away with how much food others eat.  Portions of food are huge today.  Try splitting meals you will never leave the restaurant not disappointed and you won’t have that stuffed filling that lingers for hours.

This is something I push throughout my gym in Newport Beach. In the NBAC Café not only is it healthy, but I make sure that the portions fit the Push Away Diet.

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