Should I eat fresh fruit before lunch and before dinner or after lunch and after dinner?

Diane McKay PhD, associate professor at Tufts’ Friedman School, replies: “It looks like there is a common myth out there about the timing of fruit consumption. And it is false. “The bottom line is it’s more important to focus on how much fruit you eat– whether you consume enough– rather than exactly when you eat it, or whether it is fresh, dried or frozen.

Consuming fruits, or any other fiber-containing foods, along with a glass of water before a meal will help fill you up, that may result in eating less of your meal– taking in fewer calories at mealtime. Making this a habit can reduce your overall calorie intake over the long run and result in weight lose. “Of course there is an argument to be made for consuming fruit after a meal, too. It is a great low-calorie, nutrient-dense dessert. If you eat fruit in place of high-sugar, high–fat, high calorie desserts like ice cream, cookies or candy, that, too, will result in a lower intake of calories over time– and reduced weight– with little effort.”

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