With so many fitness drinks and energy drinks on the market what do I drink when I train?  The simple truth is that I make sure I drink water.  You may be surprised water is better for you than just taking a shower or any afternoon swim.

1. Energy Boost

What’s not known by many people is that water is a natural energy booster.  Your body is 70 per cent water, so it only makes sense that you would need regular doses of water in order to keep your brain, lungs and heart running as efficiently as possible.

2. Promotes weight loss

If you take regular drinks of water, your stomach will feel full.  If your stomach is full, you won’t be as inclined to snack or eat as much during meals.  As a result, you have a natural weight loss strategy.  In addition, water helps boost your metabolism and it has zero calories – what could be better as a weight loss strategy?

3. Relieves headaches

Water is a very common headache remedy.  What may not be known by many is that the brain is actually about 90 per cent water and so, when you have a headache, you are actually experiencing dehydration.  That’s why, when you’re hung over from the overconsumption of alcohol – a known diuretic – the overriding recommendation is that you drink as much water as you can.

4. Brightens your complexion

Drinking water is the perfect solution to the aging process – to an extent.  Water helps keep the skin moisturized and balanced, and so, when you’ve had enough water to drink, your skin looks healthy and radiant.  If you’re dehydrated, your skin won’t be as elastic and you may actually get wrinkles as a result.

The great benefit of Functional Fitness training at the NBAC is it makes you thirsty, drink plenty of water!

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Source: B2C, January 24, 2013,  Adelaide Irene

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