There comes a point when you start working out that you actually can’t balance all of the things you want to do. You’ve been lifting and getting in shape and with these gains you can start being active again. So you start joining basketball leagues, tennis with the wife or running with the neighbors. The opportunities are endless, but your body’s energy isn’t.

How Do I Balance Recreational Physical Activity with my Work Outs?

I get it. The number one fear is losing all the gains that you worked so hard for. After months and months of getting everything finally back on pace, the LAST thing you want is to start slipping. Well, when I think of my work out it’s when I lift 3 days a week, doing a full body Functional Fitness workout, (weights and cardio). Table Tennis and other sports are my recreation. I don’t change my work outs for recreation though. The work outs keep me healthy and competitive in my recreational activities.

According to the Newport Beach Functional Fitness philosophy, you should never be working out so hard that you can’t do other activities on the same day. I will work out and play table tennis or go on bike rides, take walks, shoot hoops on the same day that I train.

Sometimes Recreation Gets Competitive

Yes, sometimes an innocent game at the park turns into a full blown battle that resembles the legendary hardwood classics of yesteryear. I get it, this is what makes the games so fun. The worry though is that the next day, your body feels a soreness it never has before. Competition somehow makes you forget that you are human sometimes. What to keep in mind is that you can over do anything. Eating, sleeping, television etc. When playing a sport if you get to fatigued that you can not recover or get dizzy, dehydrated, cramping etc. then it’s time to stop. If you don’t this could lead to an injury which really will hurt your lifestyle.

So my advice is know your body. Yes go at it in these games, but make sure you take the time to care for your body. The way to tell is easy. Its when you feel tired rest. When your muscles are sore and you can’t recover in 24 hours rest. Also, make sure you eat plenty of protein to help you recover. So I’ll leave with a final thought: “Moderation is the key to many things in life, including working out.” Visit our Newport beach Fitness Club for more information.

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