ROCK Institute has developed its own core nutritional product line of over 50 products that boost health and performance. Each product label is FDA approved and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. The product are all organic, hormone free, dairy free, and gluten free.  One of our featured products is ProFuel Super Greens.

ProFuel Super Greens is a Life food and performance drink mix with more than 15+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving!

Adding ProFuel to your diet may help with:

  • Alkalize and balance your body’s pH levels
  • Reduce inflammation and promote healing
  • Boost Immune System and digestion
  • Relieve achy joints and build strong bones
  • Increase energy levels without stimulants
  • Assist in weight management
  • Balance healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes mental and cognitive acuity
  • Promotes healthy heart and liver function

A few other Rock Institute products include: 

Probiotic: 60 Billion colony with 8 different bacterial strains

Prozyme: Digestive Enzyme to cleanse system of radicals and toxins

Protein: Vanilla/Chocolate Organic grass-fed from New Zealand

Check with Taylar at the Front Desk to purchase your products.


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