Today I just wanted to address some things that make anybody who is trying to stay healthy go crazy. And its those people that seems to be able to eat anything, work out just as much as you and somehow have a better looking body. I know, I know it can be a little frustrating knowing that you are working so hard, yet your not seeing the results of some of your more genetically lucky peers. Remember, physical appearance does not equate to athletic ability. And vice versa a gifted athlete can do many things well even if they are out of shape.

So I Guess Your Asking Why?!

It’s simple. God gifts people in different ways, athletes are gifted to do physical activities.

Forget the Appearance, Just Keep Exercising

You exercise for your health. Muscles move bones, a body that can not move has no lifestyle at all. Exercise is the brushing of teeth for the whole body. When it comes to activities, this is the recreational part of life that is enhanced by you exercising (brushing you teeth). With these activities you need to practice the skills involved with your sport. Rock climbing you climb, tennis players, play tennis, basketball players play basketball etc.

Don’t worry about the appearance. If you work hard and stay committed, you’ll get there. But at the end of the day that is not what is most important. What’s most important is exercising to have the opportunity for a more active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Thre are only 3 ages in life…

“Young”, “Middle Age” and “Looking Good”. If you get too many “Looking Good’s” your just getting old. Work out, enjoy your life and do the best you can.