I have been in the gym business my entire life and the one question I always hear is why did I ever quit working out?  As a person reflects on their life they can come up with many logical reasons for not working out.  My school, work or family schedules are way too busy.  I am dating or I am getting married and there is way too much planning.  I have to run my kids to all their sports and events and there is hardly time to even eat dinner, let alone make it.   I am way too tired at the end of the day to even think about exercise. I have an important business presentation, I am putting a house into escrow and …  Now that I have you thinking what is your excuse for not exercising?

The problem is that a person will come to that critical point in their life were they begin to say I have to work out.  My health is terrible, I have no endurance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, border line diabetic, and starting the first stages of heart disease so it’s now or never.  What they failed to realize is that exercise is like climbing a gravel hill the older you get the steeper the hill.  So what happens when you stop climbing?  The slide begins and it is faster when the hill is steeper and it’s only harder to get started because you are older.  What is a person to do?

You need to start walking up the gravel hill no matter how steep it is.  Your pace needs to be slow and steady, little by little, day by day.  The beautiful thing about the human body is at any age you can build muscle and increase your fitness level.  When your fitness level increases your lifestyle becomes more active. When you lifestyle becomes more active the opportunities for fun adventures increases, life can become much more fun.  Make a simple commitment to try and do some type of exercise for 15 to 20 minutes four to five days per week.  At least two of these days should have some weight training in it.  Weight training builds muscles and muscles move bones, very important as we age, we must keep moving.  Once you get started you won’t want to live without working out.  If you are near Newport Beach, CA come by and see me I would love to help you out at NBAC.

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