Personal Training Newport Beach, CA

Dana Gregory Jr.

Specialization:  Injury Recovery and Prevention

Experience: 16 Years

Dana has worked with student, college and professional athletes as well as with the normal person who wants to improve their health and fitness. As a certified athletic trainer, Dana has experience in helping clients work through all injuries. Her resume includes NASM CPT Certification. Dana’s workouts focus on injury recovery and prevention, core strengthening, balance training and strength training.

Sessions with Dana are 1 hour and include. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday.

  1. Dynamic Warmup
  2. Balance Training
  3. Core Training
  4. Strength Training
  5. Flexibility Training

Sessions are sold in packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20.

Contact: Contact Dana at (714) 915-9621 or


What is personal fitness training?

A Personal Training Newport Beach Expert is a certified individual with ample knowledge and abilities on fitness. Our well experienced fitness trainers will provide you with all the tools, tips and necessary feedback to help achieve your goals and keep you motivated.

What are the benefits of personal training?

To get your own Personal Training Newport Beach Expert comes with so many benefits. To begin with you will see results sooner, as your exercise will be specifically crafted to your needs so it will be easier for you to lose fat and gain muscle. And because the exercises are monitored you will also avoid injuries. Your trainer will also keep you accountable and within realistic goals, avoiding the horrendous plateaus and setting up good healthy habits that will stay with you longer.

What to expect at your first personal training session?

The first session with your Personal Training Newport Beach is particularly important as you both will get to know each other and see if you are a good fit for each other. Yes, this is important as you need to trust your trainer. Of course, your weight and height will be taken as well as body composition measurements and blood pressure. Then comes the movement assessments, your cardiovascular health and body condition, such as muscles strengths and endurance, as well as your flexibility and range of motion.

What is the role of a personal trainer?

A Personal Trainers Newport Beach will work with your strength to overcome your weaknesses, this will be done through workout plans and by closely monitoring your progress and routines. Our trainers will provide you with the physical and mental guidance needed for you to achieve your goals. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the responsibilities of a personal trainer?

Our Personal Trainers Newport Beach will demonstrate the exercises and routines you need and will make sure you do not injure yourself while exercising. They will modify the routines if necessary and provide you with all the information you need in order to obtain the level of fitness you are looking for. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.