My Life and Working Out

I have been lifting weights since I was twelve years old.  I have been in a gym my whole life and I love the environment and I enjoy training with my friends.  It is sad to me to see so many people plugged into headsets and their phones instead of having conversations and friendships while they lift, but this thought is for another post.  Though I love training, I also train to live a fun and active life.  I started lifting at 12 years old because I wanted to play football and my dad said, “If you want to play you have to lift!”  Being only 65 pounds at the time I needed to create some type of advantage so I achieved that in the weight room, my dad knew what was best for me.  Lifting continued throughout my football career all through Jr. High, High School, Jr. College and College.  The point is that lifting weights gave me a better opportunity to have a wonderful experience playing football.

What I Do Now

Let’s fast forward to today, 37 years later.  I do the Functional Fitness Training Circuit three days a week.  I lift fairly significant weights and I try to do 48 to 52 sets in 35 minutes or less.  It is a full body weight workout and a cardiovascular workout.  I do this with friends and though the intensity level is high we have a lot of fun. But the benefits don’t just stop there.

How a Lifetime of Working Out has Benefited My Life

The other day I spent seven hours at a water park with my two grandsons.  As a side note, the obesity of people of all ages and the poor fitness levels of most broke my heart.  Thank you for Functional Fitness Training!!! We went non-stop, with only a 20 minute lunch break and three laps around the Lazy River.  I must have climbed over 2,000 stairs, a number of hills and dropped thousands of feet on the slides.  It was a blast and there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. This is why I lift and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.  I felt sorry for those who had to sit in the beach chairs and just watch.  Like my grandson’s said, “Papa you looked like an orange bullet going down that 50 foot drop!” I love it!

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