First – Let’s See What We Are Up Against?

HowToGetStartedWorkingOutThe first question one must ask themselves is do I need to start a functional fitness program?  So what you want to do first is stand in front of a mirror naked.  In fact make it a full length mirror. This visual is worth a thousand words and is much better than a scale. With a scale you can deceive yourself into thinking I am not too bad, I just need to drop a few pounds. But naked in front of a mirror there can be no self-deception whatsoever.  Once you make the visual evaluation you need to answer the second question.  How is my body doing on the inside?

Second – Now Let’s Take a Look Inside

What you need to do next is go for a “physical”, nothing major just a simple check-up. The medical industry calls this a “Wellness Check.” Get the doctor to do some basic blood work.  Have your heart checked, make sure your blood pressure is okay and discuss any medication you might be on. Remember exercise is excellent for battling heart disease, Diabetes, and obesity.

Third – Let’s Get Started

The final step is to start a Functional Fitness Program. This means you want to work out in such a way that allows you to have an active and more vibrant lifestyle. The Function Fitness Program should be designed to work you entire body three days a week for about forty five minutes to an hour.  The work out should include weight training, cardio, and a little stretching.  If designed well the weight training and cardio can be combined to make the work out more time efficient.

In the right environment Functional Fitness Training can be fun and a great way to develop some great friendships, especially if you do it in a circuit training group. The Function Fitness workout will help you accomplish everyday tasks with much greater ease.  Such as carrying in the groceries, taking out the trash, walking the dog, cleaning the garage plus, plus, plus… On the fun side you will get off the couch and get away from the TV and begin to hike, bike ride, play recreational sports, even go to your favorite amusement park and not come home totally exhausted. Visit our fitness center in Newport Beach today.

What are you waiting for start Functional Fitness Training Today!!!

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