“The Lost Generation” has now reached their late teens and twenties.  The majority of their time is spent on their phones, texting, tweeting, facebook, Google and you know the drill.  When they are not on their phones they are playing video games well into the night which is considered a physical activity based on many of the games they play.  There is nothing more revealing than a family of five out for dinner with all five burying their faces in their phones and eventually their food.  No one looks up, no one talks and everyone may have a tendency to overeat. Their bodies are a little plump, arms and legs soft with little to no muscle tone, and skin pale because of lack of sun.  Take all of this information and put a person from “the lost generation” in a weight room with a bunch of people over fifty years old to do a 45 minute Functional Fitness Circuit and what will happen?

Let’s use one example, a male age 23, works in the tech industry and a college graduate with a degree in computer science.  He is about 5’ 8’’, weighing a soft 200 pounds.  His last work out may have been 4 months prior to this functional fitness circuit. His overall fitness track record is a couple of physical activities a month for the past four years.  He walks into the weight room and sizes up the old guys and in his mind he thinks can hang.  He looks at the little guy and says I will stay with him and to show him, I will use the same weights he uses.  The circuit begins, a dumbbell flat press, a close grip pulldown, some sit ups, lunges, squats, and the pace continues from one exercise to another.  No rest, some water if needed and after 25 five straight exercises ending the first round with Dumbbell curls and two sets of triceps extensions the old guys are ready for round two. They have only been working out for about twenty minutes.  Just before we begin the second lap of the circuit the young man has raccoon eyes, this is the look just before he heads outside to the nearest tree to vomit.  He guts out a few more sets then he is white, outside, on the grass and you know the rest.

The good news is that if the young man sticks with the program, he can lose twenty five pounds, gain great strength, workout with the old guys and look really good.  Simply said, “him now could kick him then’s ass”.  Plus he is set for the rest of his life with a functional fitness program, three days a week, for 45 minutes, can’t beat it.  There is hope for “the Lost Generation” it just takes a little discipline and some hard work.

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