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NEWPORT BEACH, CA GET 1 WEEK PASS Orange County Reader's Choice 2018 Best Health and Fitness Club


Clean, Healthy, Simple Family Environment

Family owned since 1971 NEWPORT BEACH, CA NBAC Voted No.1 in OC Weekly


If you are looking for gyms in Newport Beach, then you have come to the right place. There are almost too many choices when it comes to finding a gym in your area. You have an overwhelming amount of options like small private gyms or large chain gyms. Making a decision can be hard work for some. You want to feel comfortable and welcome when you go to the gym. You should never feel scared or uncomfortable.

Luckily we have a private gym in Newport Beach that has been open since 1971! We are a family-owned gym, so we know how to make you feel like family. Although we are older, we are constantly keeping our gym up to date with the fitness industry. Your gym fitness in Newport Beach will not suffer thanks to our high-class amenities.

Amenities include a traditional gym facility and one separately for women. We also have a sauna, cold pool, steam room, ping pong tables, racquetball court, basketball court, wallyball, boxing room, and more! Although we have a large number of amenities, we still provide outstanding cleaning service to make sure that our gym is in the best condition.

A great thing about our gym is that we have very reasonable prices. We do not want to trap you into a long term contract to keep you coming to our gym. We only provide month-to-month memberships so you can leave whenever you would like. We hope that when you visit our gym, you will fall in love with how easy-going and laid-back our atmosphere is. We ensure that both men and women come to our gym feeling comfortable and ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At our gym, besides our already listed amenities, we have classes for boxing, pilates, personal training, group circuit training, stretch and flexibility, equine functional fitness, spa, and even a barbershop. If you would like to see our gym before you get a month-to-month membership, you are more than welcome to come to take a tour of our facility. If you would like to try out our services and amenities, we offer a one week pass. It is easier to get the pass on our website. However, we can set you up with a pass when you come into our gym if needed. Our one week pass is only good for a week and starts on the first day you come in to use it. If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us!


High Quality Equipment for a High Quality Workout

What our members say

  • Amazing Gym. The staff is cool and the gym is clean and organized. The equipment is modern and kept in amazing condition.

    Dana Montana
  • Friendly staff and members, small business. Clean. All the equipment you need no matter how you like to work out.

    Danell Booher
  • This gym is inviting, relaxed, and sorta old-school in the best way. Its amenities are great

    Jacob Ashendorf