A personal trainer in Newport Beach can be the answer you are looking for. Everyone comes to a point where we start to realize that we may have gotten a little too comfortable during COVID lockdowns. When people go to college there is the infamous term “freshman 15”. This year for everyone, there is the “COVID 15”. The term means that people may have gained ten to fifteen pounds since COVID restrictions have been put in place. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about; our Newport Beach Athletic Club has personal training in Newport Beach to help you get on track! 

More and more people have been staying inside and have not gotten the required daily exercise. On average people walk three to four thousand steps a day. Throughout the year 2020, many people have not met these steps, which is a common reason why weight gain has been common during COVID. The good news is that you are not alone. Do not let weight gain affect your life. 

Choosing the perfect personal trainer in Newport Beach that understands your needs and wants to see you succeed at your goals is an ideal person to help you achieve your fitness potential. We want to help you make your choice and guide you in selecting someone who can help you figure out your fitness needs. We have four different personal trainers that specialize in various training. Whatever your training needs are, we can help. 

The first step in choosing the perfect personal trainer in Newport Beach is to figure out your health and fitness needs. Our four trainers work separately and specialize in health and wellness, resistance training, body recomposition, and injury recovery and prevention. If you are unsure of your needs, you are more than welcome to come in and meet our trainers once it is safe. Our trainers can sit with you to discuss what they do, and you are free to ask them any questions you may have. 

When choosing a trainer, make sure to ask for references, speak to them, and most importantly, see if you are compatible. You do not have to worry about our trainer’s education; all of our trainers have received the needed education and knowledge to train everyone that comes into our facility. 

Personal training in Newport Beach is easily accessible, and our four trainers are here to help you push through “COVID 15” weight gain. One of our trainers is Broderick Crawford, but goes by Sergeant BC. Sergeant BC specializes in health and wellness and has fourteen years of experience. He has worked with clients who were celebrities, professional athletes, and even everyday people. His focus is to help you achieve your goals and long-term results through tough but useful workouts. He works with all ages and is committed to providing a unique and innovative fitness workout for our clients. His clients all appreciate everything he does for them. He gives his dedication, motivation, energy, and humor to all of his clients, and they adore him for it. If Sergeant BC sounds like the personal trainer in Newport Beach for you, please contact us!

Our second trainer is Anthony Padilla, and he has a specialization in resistance training and has thirteen years of experience. Anthony uses these words, “faith, strength, and gratitude” to guide him and his program. In Anthony’s training sessions, he has clients do cardio, a dynamic warm-up, client-specific stretches, resistance training, and then stretching at the end. 

The third trainer is Vernon Brown, and he specializes in body recomposition, with four years of experience. Vernon trains clients around fifty to sixty hours a week and loves what he does. He focuses his training style on what his clients need and want. His primary specialty is designing training and nutrition programs for his clients are involve improving mind and body health. With a combination of fat burning, building muscle, and improving mobility, you can feel healthy again in no time. 

Our last trainer is Dana Gregory Jr., and she specializes in injury recovery and prevention and has sixteen years of experience. Dana is a certified athletic trainer who has worked with students and college and professional athletes. Dana not only works with athletes, and she is readily available to help you with your injury recovery and prevention, balance training, and core strengthening. During her sessions, she will take you through a dynamic warm-up, balance training, core training, strength training, and end with flexibility training. 

All of our trainers are wonderful, and choosing the perfect personal trainer in Newport Beach for you does not have to be a hard task. We encourage you to check out our website and look at the detailed information regarding our trainers and our training sessions. If we feel like a good fit for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our gym in Newport Beach.

We look forward to meeting you!

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