Functional Fitness

Peter Drino 67 years old has been training with Tom for the past two years.  An open ocean swimmer and surfer the Functional Fitness Circuit has been perfect for his lifestyle and had him prepared for the perfect wave in Indonesia!

Functional Fitness training is simple, it’s working out to improve your lifestyle.  Here are 10 Functional Fitness Tips to help you.

Functional Fitness Tip 1: No Pain No Pain

“No pain No pain” not  “No pain no gain,” this is foolish, it is how you get hurt.  Pain tells us our limits and our body is changing as we age. So if our body hurts while training change the exercise.  Pride is not your friend.

Functional Fitness Tip 2: Don’t Start Tired

If you start your workout feeling tired you’re probably over training.  The best thing you can do for your body is take a day or two off. When you do this it is amazing how great you will feel.  You will be fresh and strong while training, which leads to a fun and enjoyable workout.

Functional Fitness Tip 3: Enjoy the Workout

The reason you workout is to enjoy life and to increase your physical abilities that will enable you to do many different recreational activities.  Maybe even compete in a number of different sport.

Functional Fitness Tip 4: Don’t Overdo the Workout

If you are exhausted after your workout you’re over doing it.  When you complete your workout you should be fully recovered within 15 minutes and truthfully you should have enough energy to enjoy some further physical activities, bike riding, hiking, basketball, surfing, tennis, table tennis etc..  If you can’t you are training way to hard.

Functional Fitness Tip 5: Working Out is Like Brushing Teeth, Don’t Miss It

Your workout is like brushing your teeth, don’t miss it. Though many people enjoy training and I love it myself.  It’s not the ultimate in physical activities, training is an enabler to further activities which broadens your life experiences.  You wouldn’t go three days without brushing your teeth, so don’t go three days without some type of exercise.

I just finished the first five Functional Fitness Tips. Check out Part two here.  At the Newport Beach Athletic Club all of my Functional Fitness Personal Training programs incorporate these principles including my famous Functional Fitness Circuit.

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