Boxing Gym Newport Beach, CA


Boxing Gym Newport Beach, CA

A Message from the Head Boxing Instructor | Sam Wellington

Hello my name is Samuel Wellington and I’m a trainer at the NBAC club where I enjoy training clients in the skill of fitness Boxing, kickboxing, personal training and many other modalities in fitness.I’ve been a trainer for 20+ years in the area of martial arts/boxing /kickboxing/massage therapy, my passion for helping others and guiding people to the path of optimal health is what also inspires me to continue to leading a life of health and wellbeing in my own life.Come in and tell me your fitness goals and we’ll put together a great fitness program. And as I like to say,

“you don’t have to be a professional fighter to train like one”

What Does a Session Look Like?

Sessions are generally an hour long. Clients can expect an immersive program where Sam will take you through a variety of exercises and sets aimed at your personal fitness goals. A typical session will include intro to boxing, with a special emphasis on form, mechanics and core. By catering a bevy of martial arts, including boxing, clients will enjoy the benefits of a total body workout. At the end of every session we cool down with a 5 to 10 min stretch.

How to Schedule A Session:

Potential clients can call or email me, Sam, to set up a one on one session for an introduction consultation/fitness assessment. A session generally last for one hour. Clients can expect an intro session consisting of an introduction to boxing (basics) form, mechanics, core etc.

Clients have the option of scheduling a block of sessions consisting of 8 to 20 packages to choose from, times are determined according to availability and schedule coordination. Sessions are one on one and scheduled between client and trainer.

Payment Plan:

Clients are able to pay cash or check, depending on the package preference the client will pay accordingly. Thank you and please come in a put your body to the test at our gym in Newport Beach!


What is boxing?

Boxing in Newport Beach is another form of sport. In this sport, two people go against each other wearing gloves and punch each other until there is a winner. There is a specific amount of time that can be spent in a boxing ring. There are also rounds.

What are the basic techniques in boxing?

If you are doing boxing in Newport Beach, some basic techniques to remember always to protect your face, relax, breathe, and to distribute your weight between your legs evenly. Boxing can be a great way to get an excellent hard work out in.

What training is given for boxing?

At our facility, we offer Newport Beach Boxing Training! Our training sessions are typically an hour or so. During this training, our trainer will have you do a variety of exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals. During training, you will also learn the proper form, movements, and mechanics needed to box.

What training do boxers do?

When you come for our Newport Beach boxing training, our boxing trainers will help guide you and enhance your techniques. It is their job to teach you the movement and how to correctly use your body in order to do the sport properly.

What to expect when joining a boxing gym?

If you are looking for a boxing gym in Newport Beach, then look no further. At our facility, we have boxing and training. You can expect an overall great workout, muscle building, and trainers who know what they are doing.

What makes a good boxing gym?

A good boxing gym in Newport beach will be clean, friendly, and know their boxing knowledge. Luckily, we have all of those. Our trainer Samuel Wellington is very knowledgeable, and we have a video on our website that gives you a sneak peek at the training.

If your interested in incorporating Boxing into your workout or you would like to talk to Sam about possibly training with him, use the contact form below:

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