The Functional Fitness Circuit began in the fall of 1989.  I left my family business, the Newport Beach Athletic Club, sunny Southern California, to get my Masters of Divinity, in Hamilton Massachusetts, a four season state. I had three years to complete the program and my fitness training goal was to be in as good or better shape as I was when I left my job as the Owner, Manager, and Personal trainer at the NBAC.

The fitness challenge was how could I get my graduate studies done, work part time, (janitor, cook), and have some type of social life? Hence the Functional Fitness Circuit was developed. If you’d like to know more about what is functional fitness, we have a more in depth post.

Rules of the Work Out

The guidelines I gave myself for the Functional Fitness Circuit are as follows. I had 45 minutes three days a week to get my weight workout and cardiovascular training accomplished. My other physical activity included riding my bike and walking to class and full court basketball with my friends, two to three days a week.  In this 45 minute time period I wanted to do a complete full body workout, maintain my strength and muscle mass, and take my heart rate to 80 to 90 percent of my max.

Time Constraints

I also had time management challenges.  I had no time to travel to a club therefore I had to work out at the Seminary.  The Seminary weight room was a fifteen foot by fifteen foot room in a basement.  The equipment was from the Stone Age, a plate loaded pulldown machine, a flat bench, an incline bench, an Olympic weight set and a few dumbbells.  This was a far cry from the Newport Beach Athletic Club where I trained and also worked.  But it is through these types of situations that something awesome is developed.

Functional Fitness Circuit Today

Why I say this is that over twenty five years later I am style doing the Functional Fitness Circuit.  I did the Functional Fitness Circuit when I was a full time pastor and I am doing it now, running the NBAC and pastoring a small church.  I also have over 40 other people doing the Circuit as well.  They are ages 12 through 78, high school and college athletes, businessmen, retired and active, you name it everyone can work out this way.

I am now 57 years old and I am still in good shape, just older.  The Functional Fitness Circuit allows me an active lifestyle which includes table tennis, basketball, bike riding, razor scooters with my grandsons and more.


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