Every one can improve their speed. But its important to know that the speediest people are gifted with that talent. True speed is based on genetics. Some people have it and some don’t. How do you know you have speed? When your in elementary and the teacher says first one to the fence wins and if you are first you have the speed. On the other spectrum is endurance. When the teacher says two laps around the field and no one is in front of you and a lot of times the fast people are way behind.

The Difference Between Speed and Quickness

Quickness is fast movements with short duration and possibly moving in many different directions. Speed is also moving fast but usually in a forward or back moving and this is a battle of deceleration. Whoever slows down the fastest loses.

How Speed and Workouts are Related

Working out gives you the strength to compete in your sport. By gaining strength you came gain some speed. For speed, I like squats, walking and standing lunges, any type of resistance running whether pulling or pushing, leg lifts with weight (this is having an ankle strap attached to a low pulley with weight), and raising your knee toward your chest like you are running.