The mind set of many parents today is that I must get my child into some type of organized sport, soccer, baseball, volleyball etc… Of course the earlier the better, because if they start at 4 and 5 years old this will lead to a scholarship or even professional sports.  Not knowing that the majority of the kids never make it past 6th grade playing organized sports.  The ones that do go only a smaller percentage even make it to the varsity level in High School.  So when the kids drop out of organized sports, what is left for them to do when it comes to physical fitness?  The truth is not much!

The physical education programs in most schools today are extremely weak.  Throw out the ball, walk around the track.  Play a few coed team sports and call it a day. With the advent of the internet the Lost Generation has no clue on how to go outside and play.  They would rather be playing video games, on their phones or watching TV.  As we have read in parts one and two their physical health reflects this lifestyle.

Parents, it’s not all about organized sports.  It’s about teaching you child how to exercise, be active, have fun and enjoy a physically heathy and active lifestyle.  Get your kids involved in weight training programs, recreational activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, roller blading, bike riding. In fact go do it with them.  Some of the best times I have training is when I train a father and son together. It is a great bonding time for them and they push one another in a fun way.  Parents you need to teach that Functional Fitness is a way of life whether you are an athlete or not. Good health and fitness enhances everyone’s lifestyle at any age. For children to learn about Functional Fitness it must be lived out in the lives of the parents.  Parents teach your kids and work out with them.  Help you family participate in life, not just be spectators. Visit our gym in Newport Beach for more information.

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