Ron Arellano

Hi, I’m Ronald Arellano. I’ve been a member of the gym for 8 years and a table tennis instructor at the club for 3 years. I’ve been at the Newport Beach Athletic Club almost as long as I have been in California. Tom and the rest of the guys here have just been great to me. Being from a different country and trying to acclimate to California and the US, the open environment and friendly personalities helped ease my transition into American life.

What’s Your Favorite Part of the Gym?

My background is in Table Tennis. I spend a huge chunk of my life training and competing. I even got the opportunity to represent the Ecuadorian National Team in an international competition. So naturally my favorite part about coming to the gym is working with students and sharing the game of Table Tennis with the rest of the guys. It’s crazy, before I started coaching, table tennis was almost like a foreign sport to the club. Now you will see grown men going at it for hours. You can see the huge sweat stains on their back. You can hear the yells and screams of competition. It’s just awesome because I knew I had to part to play in that. These guys helped me get acclimated to American life and I got to give back the fun of Table Tennis to the members.

How Does NBAC Help Me Personally and Professionally?

Angie playing table tennisA lot has changed since I played table tennis competitively. I now have a wife and two small girls. I don’t play competitively and now I really just coach and play recreationally. My life’s purpose is now my family and pursuing my design career. I have been a professional graphic designer for about 22 years now and I currently am running a marketing agency, Search Business Group. The change has been drastic, I was only designing for the longest time, but now have jumped into marketing consultancy. The work is much more immersive, results-oriented, and of course stressful.

Being at the gym though has allowed me a way to just keep things in perspective. So many of the guys here are accomplished businessmen and live great personal lives. They keep me grounded both physically and mentally. Starting a business and trying to raise kids is stressful, the guys here though keep me grounded. At the end of the day, just the general environment allows me to stay fresh for my kids and my clients. That way I can be a good father and I can make sure I help my customers get more sales, a cleaner brand, and ultimate business success.

Opportunities At The Gym

Healthcare Advertising AgencyOf course, being able to train for table tennis and doing the occasional workout has kept me in shape, but being at the gym has also jumpstarted my professional career. When I started Search Business Group a healthcare advertising agency, Tom (owner) of NBAC was the first to give me an opportunity. Until now I have helped him with the SEO, website design, website maintenance, and digital marketing of the company.

Once Tom and NBAC gave me that chance I worked with my partner to create a new website, a constantly growing marketing campaign. It has been a handful of months and the gym’s brand not only received a huge facelift, but the rate of sign-ups has increased as well.

Professional Info

Healthcare Advertising Agency in Orange CountySearch Business Group
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Fullerton, CA 92831
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