Women’s Private Training Facility in Newport Beach, CA

Ladies at our gym can work out with complete comfort in our private training facility for women. This is separate from the co-ed weight room, but includes free weights, treadmills, machines and all the other resources you’d expect at a gym. The facility is private to women and is only accessible to NBAC staff, trainers and of course our lady members.


  • Private Women’s Locker Room Located Away from The Men’s Locker Room
  • Exclusive Sauna, Lounge, Showers and Lockers for Women Members
  • Free Access to Shirts, Shorts, Towels and Coffee

At NBAC what’s most important to us is that everyone has a place they can work out and be healthy. Fitness and happiness is number one to us. So put away your wallets, just try us out and if the club doesn’t work for you, we’d love to find one that does!

Women's Gym in Newport Beach


What is a Private Gym?

When talking about a private gym in Newport Beach we refer to a facility that is exclusively for members. Most membership gyms have better equipment, are more private and get more personal attention from trainers to improve your workouts. Also special classes are frequently offered.

How much do private gym owners make?

There is a lot to take into consideration if you own a private gym in Newport Beach. In some parts of the US, a private gym owner could be looking at an annual income of over $100,000, but it would always change depending on the specifics of the business they were running.

What is considered a private gym for women?

A women’s private gym in Newport Beach is a facility that prioritizes women’s right to privacy and has separate installations for women, this includes areas for exercising with weights, free-weight, or cardio, and of course, it includes separate saunas, showers, and locker rooms.

What are the facilities at a private gym for women?

At our women’s private gym in Newport Beach, you will find a separate sauna for women to relax following an intense workout session, a private locker room to get out of those work clothes and into something that can stand the test of a full workout. You will also find a separate room for free-weights, cardio, and other machines.

What training is given at a women's private gym?

When it comes to women’s private training in Newport Beach you will find more equipment and classes chosen for the female body and a relaxing experience. Staff is ready to assist with your doubts about the proper use of certain machines, recommendations for your exercise routine, and cardio training.