Steam Room in Newport Beach, CA

Right in front of the Jacuzzi, members can find the steam room. Illuminated with a blue light and with ample seating, members can sweat away stress and their workouts with steam. Conveniently located next to the relaxation room, massage room and the sauna, members can easily move from the steam room to any other of these amenities quickly.

Benefits and Amenities

  • Free access to shirts, short and towels
  • Conveniently located inside the Men’s Locker Room
  • Consistently cleaned and monitored for optimal cleanliness


What is a steam room?

A steam room in Newport Beach is, as its name suggests, a room where you are exposed to copious amounts of steam generated by boiling water. It’s one of many amenities available to our valued Club Members and it offers many health benefits to all who use it.

What are steam rooms good for?

There are many health benefits to using a steam room in Newport Beach. Sitting in a steam room can improve your cardiovascular health by improving circulation throughout your body, regulating your blood pressure, and reducing overall stress in your body.

How long should you stay in a steam room?

Even if using a steam room in Newport Beach can provide you with many health benefits, there are limits you should consider. Staying in a steam room for more than 15 minutes can begin to dehydrate you, and you should consult with your physician if you have a respiratory disease to see if you can use the steam room or not.

Should you take a cold shower after using the steam room?

After you use our steam room in Newport Beach, you can take a cold shower to wrap up your entire workout session. Be careful not to use ice-cold water, but a splash of cold water can help boost your immune system, clean your skin from toxins, and further calm your nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Which is a better option between the sauna and the steam room?

There are many similarities between a sauna and a Newport Beach steam room. The health benefits to both are fairly similar, and the main difference between the two is that a sauna uses dry heat to achieve the same result. You should consult with your doctor if you suffer from respiratory disease to check which option is better for you.