Staying in Shape While Traveling

Sometimes a small hotel gym just doesn’t cut it. For travelers that want to stay in shape with access to a real gym and all the amenities and equipment that come with it, NBAC offers tourists and vacationers customized deals to use gym facilities. The NBAC gym is one with personality and is visited by many local Newport Beach residents. Visitors and tourists will be able to be a part of the Newport Beach life, stay in shape and make a couple friends.

Membership for Travelers and Those On Vacation

Membership for the gym will be built for each traveler dependent on their vacation plans and duration of stay. Our priority is that each person has a place to stay in shape but also have enough money to enjoy their stay in Newport Beach. The average daily pass is $15 a day, however, we will cater a price for the passes that will have your travel budget in mind.

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