Broderick Crawford (A.K.A Sergeant BC – US Marine Corp)

broderick-crawford-NBACSpecialization: Health and Wellness (All Ages)

Experience: 14 Years

Sergeant BC is a Newport Beach/Los Angeles/Dallas & Austin, TX -based Health Psych/Trainer/Athletic Director whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people. Sergeant BC works with each on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. He is widely recognized for his expertise in US Marine Corps and US Army training tactics and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness and health techniques for all ages. With over 14 years in the fitness industry, Sergeant BC’s dynamic approach, energy, dedication, motivation and humor only add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Sergeant BC emphasizes strength training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life.

Contact: For availability and price please contact Sergeant BC via txt at or at NBAC Athletic Club.

For more information about the NBAC personal trainers call (949) 266-4675

If you need extra information feel free to contact us

Anthony Padilla

AnthonyPadillaSpecialization: Resistance Training

Experience: 13 Years

Anthony Padilla is an enthusiastic father of a boy and a girl! He has a BA in business administration also has the following, ACE-CPT, 1994 and NSCA-CSCS, 2009. For years, Anthony has had an intense passion for nutrition, health, fitness and life. The words that guide Anthony and his program are: Faith, Strength, Gratitude.

Clients of Anthony’s training sessions will enjoy a variety of modalities to meet the needs of the clients while keeping them interested and challenged.

Typical sessions include the following:

  • Cardio
  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • Client Specific Stretch
  • Resistance Training
  • Stretch

M, W, TH, F: 6AM – 1PM
Tue: 5AM – 7PM
S: 8AM – 12PM

Contact: Anthony can be contacted at (949) 463-5633 or

Vernon Brown

vernon-brown-NBACSpecialization: Body Recomposition

Experience: 4 Years

Vernon Brown’s experience started out in “big box” gyms but after being unsatisfied, Vernon went out searching for a more personal, involved environment. This led him to beautiful Newport Beach and the Newport Beach Athletic Club. Now at NBAC, Vernon spends 50 to 60 hours a week training a variety of loyal clients. His workouts stems from a past that Vernon finds relatable to most. Self conscious about his body through the teen years to the early twenties, Vernon used fitness to change not only his external appearance but it also significantly change his sense of internal sense of capability.

Vernon’s training style is specific to the client’s needs/wants. He offers consults to potential new clients at no charge. This includes 30 minutes of face to face time to discuss goals, healthy history, current practice, etc in addition to 30 minutes of hands on training time. The goal of the consult is to give the client and Vernon an opportunity to get to know each other. This also allows the client a chance to experience the training style. During this consult, Vernon then is able to further specify your short term, and long term, health and fitness goals to help me develop a program for the clients needs.  After the consult is complete and goals have been defined, a plan of action regarding nutrition, frequency of training and length of training session is discussed. The consult is at no charge to ensure there is no obligation, for either party.

Workouts specialize in in designing individualized training and nutrition programs that involve burning fat, building lean muscle, improving mobility/posture and improving overall mind and body health.

Contact: Contact Vernon at (949) 939-7602, or visit his website at

Dana Gregory Jr.

Specialization:  Injury Recovery and Prevention

Experience: 16 Years

Dana has worked with student, college and professional athletes as well as with the normal person who wants to improve their health and fitness. As a certified athletic trainer, Dana has experience in helping clients work through all injuries. Her resume includes NASM CPT Certification. Dana’s workouts focus on injury recovery and prevention, core strengthening, balance training and strength training.

Sessions with Dana are 1 hour and include. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday.

  1. Dynamic Warmup
  2. Balance Training
  3. Core Training
  4. Strength Training
  5. Flexibility Training

Sessions are sold in packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20.

Contact: Contact Dana at (714) 915-9621 or