Boot Camp Session Newport Beach, CA

Sergeant Broderick Crawford is originally from Texas but has been residing in Southern California. He served as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 1996-2006 and had the opportunity to serve during both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sergeant Broderick Crawford is a Orange County, California Personal Health and Fitness Trainer whose clients include Armored Wolf, (PIMCO) Pacific Investment Management Company, Billabong, (Pro Surf and manufacturing apparel company, United States Military service members, Law and Government Federal Agents, Professional Athletes, Kids (all ages), Corporate Executives, Vice Presidents and everyday people. His services also extend to Hollywood as a Military Technical Advisor / Stunt performer / Pre Production Fitness Trainer and an Executive Producer for Film and Television (International Movie Data Base)

As one of Orange Country’s most recognized United States Marine Corps Military Organizational Sports Performance Psychologist and Trainer, Sergeant Broderick Crawford workouts are noteworthy for being action packed…..but definitely motivational as he and his staff encourage clients to push harder everyday towards their goals of a better lifestyle.

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What are boot camp sessions?

A boot camp session in Newport Beach is part of a rigorous workout program aiming to provide full-body benefits to the user. These workouts are modeled on military training based on bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity.

Is boot camp a good workout?

There are many appeals to taking a boot camp session in Newport Beach. It’s a whole-body workout mixing cardiovascular training and strength training, so your heart, lungs, and almost every muscle in your body get to reap the benefits.

Do you gain muscle during boot camp sessions?

When you take a boot camp session in Newport Beach you can be certain that you’re doing good by your muscles. The highly-demanding workout you get from boot camp will allow you to reach hypertrophy or muscle growth, faster than traditional strength training. These workouts are demanding, but be certain to know your limits and work closely with your trainers.

What are the benefits of boot camp?

You can reap many benefits from a boot camp session in Newport Beach. It requires little to no specialized equipment, and group sessions will make our club members develop a strong sense of camaraderie. The intense aerobic training will also benefit your cardiovascular system, providing you with many health benefits.

How long does the boot camp session take?

The length of a boot camp session in Newport Beach can vary from location to location, but a general standard is to have a session last for 45 minutes. The calisthenics and bodyweight training will allow you to tackle every muscle group, and you won’t be bored at any point during the training.