The NBAC Café is now hosting a Fine Wine Tasting on the third Wednesday of every month.  The next tasting will be on Wednesday April 19th at 5:30pm.

We offer 50 Fine Wines of all varieties especially chosen by sommelier Jim Huston.  Most of our Fine Wines are not available on a retail basis and our prices our just above wholesale.

The tasting will feature 10 of those Fine Wines at no charge.  The tasting is limited to 16 people so you must make a reservation with Tom before the tasting.

The Fine Wine list is available for you to take at any time so you don’t have to attend the tasting to place in order.  Just fill out the form and turn it in at the NBAC Café and we will have your order at the café or delivered to your office, car or home.  Please join us and experience some great Fine Wines with your friends and NBAC family.

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